Questions & Answers

I have a question about a course. Can I contact you?

Absolutely. You can send me an email or reach me directly at +49 1578 977 5161

Do I need a webcam and headphones?

It is your option to use a webcam or not. I recommend wearing a headset for a better audio experience.

How do I book a single session?

In order to save your time and avoid emailing back-and-forth many times to find a time to meet, I implemented a convenient and easy-to-use online scheduling system. 1. Pick a course and click on “Book 1 Session” 2. Choose a date and time. 3. Fill in your information and click on “Continue”. 4. Click on “Pay now” and pay securely with PayPal.

How do I book a discounted package of 5 or 10 sessions?

1. Pick a course and click on “Book 5 Sessions” or “Book 10 sessions” 2. Click on “Add to Cart” 3. Click on “Checkout” 4. Fill in your information and click on “Pay Now and Complete Order” 5. Pay securely with PayPal

I bought a package or the intensive course. How do I schedule my sessions?

When you buy a package or the intensive course, you receive a certificate code. This code will be used in the single session planner. 1. Click on “Schedule” on the confirmation screen or in the email you received 2. Choose the session type you ordered in the package (German for Beginners, German Conversation, Business German, Intensive Course etc.) 3. Choose a date and time. 4. Fill in your email address and Skype / Hangouts ID. 5. Click on “Continue” and you will see that the total price is reduced to zero 6. Click on Finish to confirm your appointment.

What if I schedule a session and cannot attend it?

Click on “view appointment details” in your confirmation email and feel free to reschedule your session by clicking on “Reschedule appointment”. Please kindly give me at least a 24h notice.

Can I schedule more than one session at a time?

Yes. After choosing your first date and a time, please click on “Schedule additional time” to save and choose an additional session. This can be repeated several times.

Can I schedule a recurring session?

Yes. If you would like to schedule for example a session every Monday at 3:00pm please choose a date, then the time and click on “Recurring appointment” at the bottom of the calendar.

Is my payment secure?

Yes. Your financial details are handled by PayPal with a secure, encrypted system so we will never actually see your credit card details. All we get are your order details along with a confirmation from PayPal that you have completed the transaction.

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