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3 Free Websites to Help You Brush up on German Grammar


In one of my previous posts I mentioned that language learning should be fun and interesting. As for German grammar, this should also be the case. The fact is that many students simply don’t like studying boring tables with conjugations and declensions of verb tenses and the infamous case system.

In my opinion, language is all about communication. Especially when you are new to the language, you should get up to speed and be able to hold easy conversations as quickly as possible. This will provide you with a sense of achievement and boost your confidence, two factors that are critical for your ongoing motivation.

In this first learning phase, German grammar shouldn’t stand in your way. Don’t waste time on understanding exactly why a certain case is being used in a specific situation; sometimes it doesn’t seem to make sense at first. Have a look at how children play with the language. They are fluent, but they have no idea how to explain the grammar behind the sentences.

However, once you reach a level of basic confidence, you should start exploring the German grammar more in depth. It’s like in the proverb: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. As soon as you understand the bits and pieces that make up German grammar, there will be endless ways to express yourself.

So if you feel ready to brush up on your grammar skills, I recommend the following websites:


1) Lingolia

The grammar part of Lingolia includes explanations and exercises for the various parts of German grammar. The clear explanations summarize the most important information about usage and construction. Thanks to the illustrated example sentences, the rules will easily stick in your mind. An awesome website!


2) Deutsche Grammatik 2.0

This website has been designed for learners of German as a foreign language who have at least a basic knowledge of the German language. It is based on current textbooks of German as a foreign language and German language courses for adult learners. You will find extensive exercises, explanations and lists covering all aspects of German grammar.


3) Mein Deutschbuch is packed with useful information about German grammar. Like on the previous site, the explanations are exclusively in German. However, the user experience can suffer a bit due to several advertising banners. I just don’t like it when I’m reading an article and suddenly everything starts moving around and the page turns into a huge advertisement that I have to close. But on the whole it’s a good website and worth a click.

 For more tips and tricks and to boost your German please feel free to check out my online video courses.


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