Speak German like a Native: A Practical Conversation Course

This course is designed to teach practical and useful German conversation. It will help you make new friends, find the right words in daily conversation and speak German with confidence in a wide range of real-life situations.

I have found myself in many situations where this course would have come in very handy, wish I’ve studied this earlier! – Brenda Penante

“Speak German like a Native” is perfect if you want to:

-be able to express yourself in perfect German
-say the right thing at the right time
-improve your listening and comprehension skills
-perfect your pronunciation
-boost your conversation skills
-speak German with confidence

“Ingo has made a great effort to include a variety of different situations where a language learner may stumble if put on the spot – even as far as including what you could say regarding a football match! It’s well thought out, clear and includes PDF’s for all sections.” –¬†Jacky S

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