What my students are saying


It was a fascinating lesson. Ingo has a great gift of explanation, the conversation went on really well. Thank you so much!

Zoya, Russia

Ingo is a very good teacher. He explains things clearly and understands different learning styles. Highly recommended! I’m happy to be continuing to improve my confidence in German.

Fred, United States

This first session was very good. Ingo is aware of the right methods to learn German, and of the content of general German tests.

Julien, Switzerland

Great session. I am looking forward to the next one!! Very fun and interesting. Danke Ingo!!

Dina, United States

Ingo is very easy to talk to in German and in English, and he is clearly passionate about language learning. His price is also extremely fair. Highly recommended, I’m going to buy more lessons.

Joe, United States



Very professional. Hand outs are helpful. I strongly recommend this teacher to anyone who wants to learn German.

Steven, United States

Danke Ingo! Your teaching methods sound like they are exactly what I am looking for – see you soon!

Holly, Great Britain

Ingo was very helpful and knowledgeable regarding what skills are necessary for a beginner in German. Excellent choice to improve in the language.

Joseph, United States

Good session. Ingo gave me some new techniques for learning vocabulary which I will be putting into practice over the coming weeks. Thanks.

David, France

This was my first German lesson, Ingo is a very patient teacher and I will definitely be booking another lesson with him.

Jacky, Great Britain