Write German like a Native: 10 German Dictation Exercises

Dictation is one of the oldest language teaching activities and its advantages are numerous. It is an effective tool not only for improving the student’s writing ability, but also their listening comprehension, reading and speaking skills. In addition, dictation helps students to diagnose and correct errors that are usually overlooked.

“Write German like a Native” is perfect for you if you want to:

  • Master German writing and spelling skills
  • Understand spoken German with ease
  • Learn new words to expand your vocabulary
  • Perfect your German pronunciation
  • Start thinking in German

The course develops all 4 language skills in an integrative way

  • Listening: as the passage is dictated for students to transcribe
  • Writing: when students write down the dictated material
  • Reading: as a follow-up students read the passage silently to check for mistakes
  • Speaking: when the passage is read loudly to practice pronunciation
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